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Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. provides efficient, proactive, honest IT services to businesses and home users in the Greater New Orleans area. We offer computer and equipment sales and repair, network management, cloud-based email/document share services, consulting, service contracts, data storage and recovery, and more.  Our highly skilled and certified technicians are available to perform these services both in-store and onsite, and are often able to problem-solve remotely.   Making customers happy—no matter the cost—is more than just good business; it’s the only way we do business!

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What Our
Customers Say

“My laptop stopped charging after I dropped it on the side with the power cord. I brought it to three shops before I found one that could fix the problem, but they were way too expensive, and they told me it would take at least two weeks to fix. Rent-A-Nerd quoted me $50 less and had it done in three days. It’s worked great ever since. Thanks, guys!”

-Kimberly B.

“I just want to thank Darrin for an outstanding job of correcting our nightmare computer problem. You and your team are a great group of professionals and I would highly recommend your group to anyone looking for computer technicians or a good group of Nerds. Thank you again.”

-Anthony L. T.

” After dealing with Best Buy’s Geek Squad staff I was ready to throw my computer in a dumpster and forget about it. They were rude, unprofessional, and wanted to charge me more to repair my computer than I originally paid for it. One of my friends recommended Rent-A-Nerd to me, and having tried them myself I can say I will never use another computer repair shop! They were so helpful and polite, and they got my computer fixed the same day I brought it in. Try Rent-A-Nerd! You’ll be glad you did.”

-Maggie R.

“On a scale of one to ten, Beibei’s service rates a twelve! We are very happy that he continues to be our tech; he’s always willing to go above and beyond what is required!”


“I have used Rent A Nerd for solving both network and hardware/software problems for about a decade now and have had nothing but excellent service and results. They have built and maintained a workstation and a laptop which are very good machines. I have had them unravel networks, recover from a totally botched OS install by another tech service company, and save me from countless vexing Trojans. I am confident in recommending them to all.”

-Philip Johnson

“I have used Rent-A-Nerd for many years. I think I have used nearly every service offered from both computer and equipment repair to consulting. I have even purchased equipment. My main consultant, Beibei, is great. He has saved my computers several times and thus my sanity.”

-Patty Barnett, Barnett Fine Art

“Swap Boutique has used Rent-A-Nerd for over three years for all of our IT and computer hardware needs. With our very specialized consignment software, it was difficult to find local support. Rent a Nerd quickly became an expert on our proprietary POS and inventory system. They handle all of our computer set ups and maintenance. They were instrumental in our expansion and set up a very efficient network to connect all of our stores. They are always available when we need them, and we feel very fortunate to have such an experienced and reliable technology partner. “

-Michelle Reinhardt, Swap Boutique

“If you desire individually tailored, professional, friendly, patient, knowledgeable, reasonable and fast response to all your computer needs, there is only one place to look; Rent-A-Nerd is the best! “

-Woody Krog

“Rent-A-Nerd is a professional and reliable company. I would highly recommend.”

-Anabella Najarro, Senior Account Executive at EarthLink Business

“Excellent knowledgeable staff – highly recommended!”

-Quinn Jones, Co-Founder & CFO at Cabildo Services

“I’ve used Rent a Nerd for years. Probably over a decade. They have built several computers for me to my specifications. They have worked on my home computer and office network. I have found their service to be reliable, fair, and on target. And for those nagging things that we cannot find a cause or a fix for, they have been great about standing behind their work. I will continue to use them and definitely recommend.”

-Ray Unland, President Elect at New Orleans Dental Association

“I have had great results with their service (long distance). The staff is very helpful and professional. Would refer to a friend.”

-Courtney Coats, Owner at Co2 Designs

“The folks at Rent-A-Nerd are so easy to work with, but most importantly they really know what they’re talking about. Hooray for the Nerds! (But seriously, I trust them completely. Thanks, guys!)”

-Sarah Graham, Associate Attorney at Curry and Friend A PLC

“I just wanted to thank ya’ll for being so helpful to me with my laptop problems recently.  Each of you, in your own way, made my computer inconveniences as painless as possible.  Of course, I’ve always had great service with y’all over these past years, so I’m not surprised at all.  My new laptop works great, and I’m liking it a lot, and I’m so pleased that most of my files were recovered from the defective hard drive of my old laptop.  I’m very happy with everything.  Many thanks…

I am admittedly very ignorant about the mysterious workings of these computers, and I really appreciate that y’all are so patient with me with all my questions and requests and that y’all are so respectful and professional towards me and don’t make me feel like a dummy.  That means a lot to me.

Thank y’all again, and I’m always spreading the good word about y’all to everyone I know.”

-George D.

“Over the last several weeks I had a new computer installed in my office and your representative BeiBei was the technician who worked with me in getting this job done.  I am writing this note to thank you for having such a dedicated employee as this gentleman working for your firm.  I found him to be very professional, courteous and most helpful.  He got my system up and running and although we had a few bugs he very diligently worked through getting rid of them so that I am now running very smoothly.

I am sure that when you have a costumer who is unhappy that you hear them loud and clear.  Unfortunately, when you have someone like myself who feels very pleased to have such good service we fail to take the time to let you know that.  The reason for my note is simply to say Thank You for a job well done!”

-Shelby J. McIntosh, Harbor Financial Group, LLC

“Rent-A-Nerd has been a true asset to our company.  We can always rely on fast reliable service when needed.  Thanks.”

-Rory Picou

“I’ve called in the Nerds several times over the past few years.  I’ve been very pleased with the professional, prompt and courteous service of this company.”

-Patti Pannell

“I just wanted to let you know what a great experience my mom had with Rent-A-Nerd and specifically your technician Marshall.  Someone hacked her yahoo account, deleted all of her contacts and she was worried that her computer had gotten a virus because it was moving so slowly.  Marshall checked her whole system out for under $100 and wrote yahoo and was able to get them to restore her contacts, all in under a day.  She was very appreciative and asked me to convey her thanks for such an easy process and thorough job.  Thank you!!!”

-Lisa Sherman

“We would like to thank you for coming out to work on our computer software problem.  In a matter of minutes you had our whole program up and running.  You can be sure we will call on Rent-A-Nerd when we have a problem with our computers.”

-Tammy L.

“I wanted to let you know how awesome Bei Bei is.  Not only did he work incredibly hard when he came out, but he also was very flexible and understanding when dealing with technology in classrooms full of loud (and sometimes napping) children.  We’ve been very happy with the partnership we have with your company.  Bei Bei is a pleasure to work with.”

-Richard Hill, St. Catherine of Siena School

I would like to first say how pleased my husband and I are with Rent-a-Nerd. You were able to schedule an appointment within the next day! This rarely happens when something needs to be repaired. You were very kind about trying to get an early time.

I am sure that your company has many qualified workers. But, I would like to express my gratitude to Tommy who came out today to service our computer. Unfortunately, I am not computer literate. I had a list of questions to ask and Tommy went through EACH one and explained not only what the problem was, but exactly WHAT he was doing. This will hopefully help me with similar problems in the future. He even offered to remove some programs and showed me how.

 Being a teacher for thirty-five years, I can’t tell you how much “hands-on” aids comprehension of material.

Tommy is truly professional in his work and has a wealth of knowledge about computers. His attitude is pleasant and has a lot of patience with those who are not as advanced.

Thank you for your services.

-Bob and Karen Hollingsworth

Thank you so very very very much for your great help last week. Please thank Darrin too! Ya’ll are expert computer tech support and we really appreciate the great service you give. I especially appreciate your above and beyond top notch customer service. I continue to promote you to all I know and encourage anyone needing any kind of tech service to contact you. Thank you for making sure nonprofits get great tech service at reasonable rates.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

-Brandi Bowen, New Orleans Regional Aids Planning Council

Dear Rent-A-Nerd:

Thanks for everything! Tyler  is a delight.  I will be happy to recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Myles Michael

Myles Michael
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